Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tool #8: Taking a Look at the Tools

Based on viewing the videos, I have learned the following information:
1.  Net books: I have observed the parts of the net book, how to use the web-cam video and picture options and where the pictures and videos are stored on the net-book.
2.  I-Pad 2: I reviewed how to link into I-tunes, how to set up the application pages and how to sync devices.

Managing devices in my classroom:
1.  Label all devices with clear markings so that check-out and check-in will be quick and efficient.
2.  Spend time going over each device with students. Every student may not be comfortable with the device and it will save them time from hunting around to try to figure out how it works.
3.  Create/encourage experts in the class who can trouble-shoot problems before the team needs to call the teacher.
4.  Use teams of students and work stations so that as many students as possible are using the devices at the same time.
5.  Create an environment where students are accountable for their devices and want to take care of them. Guidelines for care and clear consequences for unacceptable behavior will help to create this environment.

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